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StarCraft - BroodWar 4.7

StarCraft: Brood War is the official expansion for the strategy game StarCraft
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StarCraft: Brood War is an official expansion for the strategy game StarCraft. It was produced by Blizzard Entertainment. This expansion pack includes a new campaign for the game which consists of three individual chapters that continue the story of the original StarCraft, new units, upgrades and types of terrain. StarCraft: Brood War belongs to StarCraft universe created by Blizzard Entertainment, which encompasses all products related to the saga.

Story: Only a few days have passed since the Protoss hero, Tassadar, was sacrificed to destroy the vile Zerga Overmind. As an apocalyptic result of the destruction of Zerg, the world of Aiur, Protoss, was devastated and left sterile. Many of the no-mind Zerga who survived the horrific battle began to wander uncontrolled through the charred fields of Aiur.

Audio / Video: The first thing to emphasize is the introduction of missions. The graphics quality, sound and editing are like those of an authentic film. As for the game graphics, new units and scenarios maintain the graphics quality of Starcraft, taking beautiful details like new scenarios and visual effects. The sound of new units and heroes is equal in quality to those of the first game. Another important aspect of the sound is the increase in the number of songs, which will allow you to listen to new tunes.

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  • Plenty of fresh air in this expansion for StarCraft


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